That Awkward First Post, Tho

Welcome to A Belle and a Book. I’m thrilled to think that you’ve miraculously landed on my page.

My name is Anna, and I am a literature grad who now works in the fast-paced world of marketing for lifestyle brands (#agencylife, but actually). My job “is 9-5”, she says in quotes, because I’m often working early mornings, staying late and sometimes fretting over the weekend. As I’m sure y’all can relate, having access to work emails on phones makes it THE HARDEST to disconnect and de-stress in time off. Typically, evenings not spent at work turn into nights with Bae (Netflix, xoxo) and a glass of wine.

But, being a lover of the written word, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on reading all those books I say I’m reading (for two months, because I never actually read them) or say I want to read (but never do).

I also love talking about books and literature, and that brings us here.

Some things you should know about me:

  • I like to use exclamation points, but have learned that I need to tone it down, since as my boss says “there is a place and a time”.
  • I’m into all kinds of literature, from classics to mysteries to history to trashy chick books (which, as my boss would say, “have a place and a time”) and will shamelessly write about whatever I read here. So I can’t predict that the books on this blog will follow a consistent sort of niche.

Well, I think this sums everything up. Again, thank you for winding up here. And if you’re here because you got so deep into the depths of the internet as a result of intensive procrastinating, I applaud you, and I implore you to ditch this mindless browsing and get. back. to. work.