It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Anna, and I am a literature grad who now works in the fast-paced world of marketing for lifestyle brands (#agencylife, but actually). My job “is 9-5”, she says in quotes, because I’m often working early mornings, staying late and sometimes fretting over the weekend. As I’m sure y’all can relate, having access to work emails on phones makes it THE HARDEST to disconnect and de-stress in time off. Typically, evenings not spent at work turn into nights with Bae (Netflix, xoxo) and a glass of wine.

But, being a lover of the written word, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on reading all those books I say I’m reading (for two months, because I never actually read them) or say I want to read (but never do).

I also love talking about books and literature, and that brings us here.

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